Robin Merrill, Copyright: Heike Steinweg
  Factual Text
Name: Robin Merrill
Country of Origin: England
City of Residence: Berlin
Strong Points: BBC / Oxford English,
ideal for industry films, and documentaries.
Accents: ALL British, Irish and Scottish
Selected Experience
and Clients:
25 years professional speaker.
Mercedes, Schering, Siemens, Cornelsen, BBC.
Background,Training: 1974-1978 Guildhall School of Music and Drama
1978-1988 Lead singer Pasadena Roof Orchestra
1989-1994 Chief Reporter and Presenter BFBS Radio Berlin
1994 onwards Speaker and Presenter DW-TV
Other Talents: Singer
Both my children do professional speaking too.
Maximilian (born 1991), Milena (born 1994)