Bill Peterson
  Documentary Film
  Corporate Video
  Commercial Spot
Name: Bill Peterson
Country of Origin: Canada
City of Residence: Berlin
Strong Points: Wide range from hard sell to soft soap, the authoritative voice of
news and documentary, the detached voice of science, the smooth
voice of the TV commercial.
Accents: North American Network Standard
Selected Experience
and Clients:
Over 30 years of broadcasting experierience.
Voicing for hundreds of documentaries, corporate films and
commercials since the 1980s: clients included Ford, Volkswagen,
Lufthansa, Henkel, Braun, ZDF, BEWAG, ntv, Esec Semiconductor,
Stahlbau Plauen, House of Promotion (RTL).
Background: Communication Arts at Loyola University of Montreal.
CBC Radio in Canada and Canadian Forces Network in Germany.
Television production at AFN Berlin and for RIAS-TV.
DW-TV since 1993.
Freelance broadcast and print journalism since mid-1970s.
Other Talents: Strong writer-translator specializing in technology and business.
Offering full package: script adaptation and voicing inclusive.
Own voicing facilities.