Marty Sander
  Industry Film
Name: Marty Sander
Country of Origin: USA
City of Residence: Berlin
Strong Points: Very flexible voice. Documentary- , Industry- & Productfilms,
Commercials, Museum guides, Travelogues,
Cartoon-, Computer & Charactervoices
Accents: US (standard, southern), British, German
Selected Experience
and Clients:
DW-TV voice since 1993,
Mercedes Benz, Siemens, FIFA World Cup, Zapf Creations,
Langnese, Jewish Museum, Computer games,
Radio plays, Film dubbing.
Background,Training: Broadcast journalism & theatre sciences studies Berlin FU;
radio apprenticeship & work as editor, reporter
and announcer for radio;
TV reporter, professional Voice Training
Other Talents: experience in computer-animation acting, translations